October 2022: “YOKOHAMA Short Stories,” a collection of short musicals, will be performed at “Cliffside” in Yokohama’s Motomachi district.

December 2022: A screening and talk/live show for the October performance, titled “#YSS TALK&LIVE,” as well as a tour of “Cliffside,” will be held.

2021: Filming for “Privis” begins.

November 2021: The immersive theater experience “Ukiyo Hotel Bar” will be performed at “Clifftop” in Yokohama’s Motomachi district.

In 2020, the performance of “Ukiyo Hotel” was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The content was revised and a 18-page art plan was created in collaboration with Yohei Taneda, a renowned movie art director in Japan.

May 2019: The trial performance of “Ukiyo Hotel” was performed at the LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza Sol , starring Kumiko Noda, Haruko Sekiya, Hajime Kikuchi, and Atsuyuki Tanaka.

Set in the Taisho era, the story revolves around the “Queen of Ukiyo Hotel,” Hamako, and the ambitious man, Kurata, as well as the maid Yae who wavers between them. The play weaves a complex web of deceit and intrigue, all set to the live performance of a three-piece band.

In 2018, the “Ukiyo Hotel Project” was launched with the goal of producing a full-length musical titled “Ukiyo Hotel.”
The project was headed by representative Shoko Kawada.

In July 2018, a stage reading of “Ukiyo Hotel” was performed at the Shibuya Saravah Tokyo, starring Akari Taniguchi.

The four-person play centers around “Hamako” and the maid “Yae,” depicting themes of sexual desire and love-hate relationships, all set to live piano and percussion accompaniment.

In July 2017, “Nihonkoku Yokohama Ohama-sama” was performed at the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Hall, starring Shiori Kiuchi and Moe Ajima.

The play centers around the “Chabuya” and “Meriken Ohama” of Yokohama Honmoku as its subject.
It depicts the disappearing history buried in the darkness, lost during the Yokohama air raids, intertwined with the conflicts of modern-day high school girls.

In July 2015, “Tenpura Otoko & Chabuya Onna” was performed at the Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center Multipurpose Plaza.

This is a spin-off work focusing on one of the characters from “Ukiyo Hotel.”

In April 2015, “Ukiyo Hotel” was staged as part of a short play collection at the main building of the Kanagawa Prefectural Government.
The cast included Anna, Kumiko Noda, Hiroshi Muto, Yoh Ogoe, and Mai Miyauchi, among others. The 40-minute musical was based on the real-life prostitute “Meriken Ohama.”